Everything's good on our end, Camper!

Battle Camp is up and running normally.

Recent Issues




Jan 16,2018

Exodawn event
Missing individual rewards

10:00 PM PST   
The team is investigating into the accounts that are missing their individual rewards. We're working on a solution, please allow our team 48 hrs to fix this. Thank you for your patience
Nov. 1, 2017

Cool Luke
Energy use not registering (iOS only)

10:00am PDT   
Energy use to activate Cool Luke>Free VIP benchmarks is not registering on iOS devices only. The team is currently investigating this and will have a fix as soon as possible.
Nov. 1, 2017

Stone deductions

10:00am PDT   
Players that have accepted their Halloween rewards will see a deductions in stones, please submit a ticket with total stones missing to be corrected. A fix to prevent further issues will be pushed out later today.
Sept 21,2017

Battle Royale

9:00 pm PDT   
Refresh button on iOS is working during BR matches. Cool Luke NPC found in Troop Hall.
Sept 21,2017

Battle Royale
Refresh (iOS) & Cool Luke NPC

1:00 PM PDT   
The refresh button is not registering at all on iOS only. Gold is not being deducted and refresh is not working. Cool Luke NPC is not Live. Both these issues will be resolved by the 9pm match. We have identified a possible cause and it will take us longer to correct.
Sept 20,2017


6:30 PM   
Players are not being matched during PVP. The team is investigating issue.
Sept 20,2017

Not being matched

12:30 PM   
The team is aware of players not being matched during PVP. This is being investigated and should be resolved ASAP.
Sept 15,2017

Troop Trophies (Resolved)
Double Trophies Coliseum

11:00 pm PDT   
Our team identified a possible reason for this occurrence. Changes were made on our end to prevent it. We'll be monitoring event in case issue resurfaces.
SepT, 15,2017

Troop Trophies (NOT GLOBAL)
Some troops not receiving trophies

1:00 PM   
Some troops aren't getting their trophies for some of the matches. Please wait until next match start to verify this is not a delay. Select one admin to submit a ticket, explain when match occurred and total trophies missing. Missing trophies will be corrected before event end.