Everything's good on our end, Camper!

Battle Camp is up and running normally.

Recent Issues

JANUARY 12, 2017

Server Connection
User's Receive A Connection Error on Launch

12:13pm PST   
Maintenance Mode is now over. Users are now able to enter the game normally.
DECEMBER 22, 2016

Players unable to access Troop hall caves. Receiving Server Error.

8:30am PST   
A fix has been deployed for this issue. Players can enter the Caves normally.
December 10,2016

Server Lag
Player participation experiencing lag. Donation, attacks, etc. all taking longer to fully register on the device.

7:00 am PDT   
Servers will be stabilizing within the next couple hours. Actions made during this time DID record on server end but taking longer to appear on the device. Once stabilized all actions made should update and lag no longer experienced.
DECEMBER 9, 2016

Boss Difficulty Select

2:40pm PST   
The battle slide appears to only display one difficulty. You cannot select difficulty for this event. There is only the one difficulty and will get perpetually harder the more you defeat it.
DECEMBER 9, 2016

Connection Lag

11:45am PST   
We're getting ready for the World Boss Event! Players will be able to re-enter the world momentarily.
December 08,2016

Server Lag
Players attacks not registering immediately on device.

1:50PM PDT   
Server is working on alleviating the lag being experienced. Attacks are registering on server end but the lag is preventing it from being seen immediately on the device. It will update once we're stabilized.
DECEMBER 2, 2016

CT Events
Connection issue

1:30pm PST   
Some users are experiencing long or dropped connections when attempting to enter the Event Zone. Our Server Team has pinpointed the issue and a fix has been deployed. Players are now able to enter the Event Zone normally.
SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

Translation: iOS
iOS devices experience a crash when purchasing storage & the language is Portuguese

2:00pm PDT   
Switching to another language besides Portuguese will prevent the crash during the purchase process. Users are suggested to switch to English temporarily. A fix will be included in the next update.
AUGUST 31, 2016

Translation: Russian / Spanish / Thai
When you try to R-boost a monster, the % will show as 0%

4:00pm PDT   
This is a visual bug. Switching to English will portray the correct %. A fix will be included in the next update.