Everything's good on our end, Camper!

Battle Camp is up and running normally.

Recent Issues

Sept 21,2017

Battle Royale

9:00 pm PDT   
Refresh button on iOS is working during BR matches. Cool Luke NPC found in Troop Hall.
Sept 21,2017

Battle Royale
Refresh (iOS) & Cool Luke NPC

1:00 PM PDT   
The refresh button is not registering at all on iOS only. Gold is not being deducted and refresh is not working. Cool Luke NPC is not Live. Both these issues will be resolved by the 9pm match. We have identified a possible cause and it will take us longer to correct.
Sept 20,2017


6:30 PM   
Players are not being matched during PVP. The team is investigating issue.
Sept 20,2017

Matchmaking (Resolved)

Server restarted which caused a delay in the system. This auto-corrected itself. Players are now being matched during PvP.
Sept 20,2017

Not being matched

12:30 PM   
The team is aware of players not being matched during PVP. This is being investigated and should be resolved ASAP.
Sept 15,2017

Troop Trophies (Resolved)
Double Trophies Coliseum

11:00 pm PDT   
Our team identified a possible reason for this occurrence. Changes were made on our end to prevent it. We'll be monitoring event in case issue resurfaces.
SepT, 15,2017

Troop Trophies (NOT GLOBAL)
Some troops not receiving trophies

1:00 PM   
Some troops aren't getting their trophies for some of the matches. Please wait until next match start to verify this is not a delay. Select one admin to submit a ticket, explain when match occurred and total trophies missing. Missing trophies will be corrected before event end.
Sept 09,2017

Servers Down
FIXED / Players are able to access game

9:03 pm   
The team was able to fix the error. Players were able to get back into game around 9:03 pm. Thank you for your patience
Sept 09,2017

Servers Down
Servers down preventing access to game.

8:00 pm   
Our server has identified the issues and working on pushing the fix live.

Match Start

1:00 PM   
Issues with getting into the first Dominion match. The team is investigating this and trying to resolve it as soon as possible.
JULY 7, 2017

Event Zone
Players Are Unable To Enter Event / Are Not Matched

5:30pm PST   
We're currently aware with a service issue effecting players attempting to enter the Event Zone / trying to be matched for the event. Our server team is currently investigating this issue and there is no known ETA on a fix at this time. Our server team is also investigating into why double trophies aren't working as intended. Until we can find a fix this will continue. Double trophies can't be guaranteed but you will receive regular trophies. Once our investigation is complete, we'll work on a global solution to address everything and make sure all campers are taken care of. Please, do not send tickets on known event issues at this time.
MAY 12, 2017

User Login
Players Were Experiencing Server Errors When Connecting To The Game

1:20pm PST   
Some players reported earlier that they received a server error message when launching the game. Our server team identified an error and worked quickly to patch it. Players should be able to enter the game normally now.
MAY 4, 2017

Events - Troop Wars
Some Players Are Experiencing Difficulty Entering The Event

1:45pm PST   
Our team was able to identify an issue affecting the start of the event and fix it promptly. Players are able to join the event like normal.
MARCH 31, 2017

Dominion Event
Dominion NPC Not Updating

7:00pm PST   
Some users reported the Dominion NPC was not updating. The team actively worked to patch this and users are able to see an updating NPC again. All users affected by this will be compensated all energy. It will be returned to players inbox soon.
MARCH 30, 2017

Event Connection
Some Players Are Experiencing Connection Issues at Mach Start

2:10pm PST   
Some users were reporting they were experiencing connection related issues at the start of the event. Players are able to connect and enter the event normally now. No issues should be experienced on the next match.
MARCH 27, 2017

Account Retrieval
Some Players Encounter a "FB Invalid ID" Error When Logging In

3:30pm PST   
Earlier, players that were switching between accounts using Facebook Connect were receiving an error "FB invalid ID" when signing back in. We have corrected the error and players are able to sign in now normally using the Facebook Connect tool. We apologize for the brief inconvenience.
MARCH 23, 2017

Application (iOS 7)
Some iPhone Users Experience A Crash on Launch

11:11am PST   
We have released an update to iOS that patches some users inability to access the game on Apple devices running iOS7 or earlier. Users are suggested to download the latest BC update, 4.0.4, or to upgrade to iOS 8 to resolve this issue.
MARCH 17, 2017

Support Panel
Connecting With Facebook

11:55am PST   
Our team has corrected the issue not allowing some players to properly access our support page.
MARCH 10, 2017

Support Panel
Some Users Experience Trouble Activating The Mobile Menu

10:00am PST   
Some Android users reported the mobile menu box of the new Battle Camp Support Site did not activate in Chrome. This issue has been resolved and Android users are able to use the site's mobile menu normally in any browser.